About Us

Our Perth Office

The CEO Institute helps business leaders like you connect with your peers and share your skills, insight, and experience. 

The CEO Institute WA operates to provide Western Australian CEOs, managing directors, and business owners, the opportunity to connect with peers and assist to eliminate that feeling of loneliness at the top.  Our focus is on you.  We aim to create an environment that allows you to develop as an individual, a leader and an employer.  Techniques and checklists are not what we offer as a quick fix, but, a chance for you to interact with peers, learn from their experiences, share thinking and have your ideas valued.  All of our syndicates of 15 – 16 members consist of non-competing industries and areas.  The syndicate members grow to know each other well and are there to offer support and assistance when needed. 
We are proud of what our members have achieved since we began and believe that we contribute significantly to the enhancement of business in Western Australia.